What is Spy-Fy?

Spy-Fy is an innovative company from the Netherlands that believes that the protection of your digital privacy, simplicity, and aesthetics can be a perfect match. That is exactly how our main product, the Spyslide webcam cover, was born.

What payment systems do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, and debit payment services such as iDeal, Sofort Banking, and Bancontact / Mister Cash.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs? We hate shipping costs! We do not charge anything for the shipping of our product to your beautiful home.

Where and how can I file a complaint?

First of all, we always do our very best to satisfy every single customer! If in any case you would still like to file a complaint about our products or service, please send us an email and we guarantee you we will find a mutual solution.

If you’re still not satisfied with our proposed solutions, it will be possible to file your complaint through Stichting Webwinkelkeurmerk. Starting February 15, 2016, it is also possible for consumers to file complaints through the ODR Platform from the European Commision. You can find this ODR Platform here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

How can I give you guys a compliment?

Ah, that’s great to hear! Why don’t you send a Facebook Message with some love? You can easily do that here.

What do you offer for the corporate market?

Take a good look around- how many of your colleagues have taped of their webcams with some ugly stickers or plasters?

Would you like to have your employees use a professional webcam cover or would you like to give something more unique to your clients as a gift? Click here! 

Do you offer discounts for larger orders?

Yes we do! Thinking about placing a larger order? Then get in touch with us! 

Can I add my own corporate identity to your product or package?
Why should I cover up my webcam?

We know that people who work a lot on their laptops, tablets or smartphones either for their profession or for any individual use, would like to have the possibility to be in control of their own digital privacy. Especially amid recent documented webcam hacking incidents. But instead of befouling your beautiful laptop, tablet or smartphone with an ugly post it or sticker, why not use our elegant and much more practical alternative: The Spyslide®
Webcam Cover! 

Can I still use my webcam if I use your Spyslide webcam cover?

Absolutely! One of the reasons we have developed our Spyslide webcam cover is to make sure that covering up your webcam becomes more practical. Once the Spyslide is applied, you can simply slide the webcam cover open or close to use for Skype or Facetime. It is thin enough (0.6mm / 0.023 inches) to close your laptop once you’re done so you can still take your laptop on the move.

What does it cost?

If there is one thing annoying about online shopping, it is unforeseen costs that add up while going through your checkout. With Spy-Fy, we only communicate the price that you actually pay, which includes taxes ánd shipping.

Check out all our offers right here! 



Can the Spyslide damage my laptop, tablet or phone in any way?

Not with normal usage, see our terms and conditions for more information regarding product liability.

Our Spyslide is designed in such a way that it cannot damage your device with normal usage. We extensively tested our product on a large amount of devices over an extensive period of time and no damage has ever been measured. If at any moment you decide to remove the Spyslide from your device, it will not leave any residual or any other harmful substance.

Note however that irresponsible and aggressive removal of the Spyslide may lead to screen damage. Therefore take good care when removing the product. Additionally don’t apply excessive large amounts of force on your closed laptop when a Spyslide is attached. This may lead to touchpad and screen damage due to the force that is being applied. In other words, don’t place heavy products on your closed laptop when the Spyslide is attached. For any questions or concerns regarding usage of our product visit our contact section.

Will the Spyslide fit on my laptop, tablet or smartphone?

Yes it will! When we were in the initial phase of our webcam cover product launch, we visited several large retailers to test whether our product would fit all devices. The result: it does*!

*Smartphones surrounded by non-flat surfaces are incompatible with our Spyslide.

Questions? Contact us!