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Spy-Fy is an innovative Dutch company born out of the frustration of using tape and post-its on laptops as webcam covers. What started in 2015 as a search for a more elegant solution to preventing webcam espionage, has evolved into a company offering a wide range of privacy solution products.

We knew there had to be a better solution for digital privacy than a piece of tape. Seeing no better alternative on the market, we started to develop our own unique webcam covers. After a successful launch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Spyslide has become one of the best-selling webcam covers worldwide!

Now, we are focused on devising, developing and delivering hardware privacy solutions for both consumers and businesses. We are proud of our growing list of large and small customers to whom we deliver our privacy products. Together with our growing international team, we aim to achieve our growing ambitions.


Our team

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Peter van de Rijdt
Co-founder / Operational Management
Peter [@] Spy-Fy.com

Ties Spy-Fy

Ties den Dekker
Co-founder / New Business Management
Ties [@] Spy-Fy.com

Menno Spy-Fy

Menno Zweers
Business Development US
Menno [@] Spy-Fy.com

Wesley Spy-Fy

Wesley Dijkstra
Sales Manager
Wesley [@] Spy-Fy.com

Daniel Spy-Fy

Daniel Jach
Business Development DACH
Daniel [@] Spy-Fy.com

Igor Spy-Fy

Igor Grujovski
Communications & Social Media

Rosa Spy-Fy

Rosa Ballis
Graphic Design

Jorn Spy-Fy

Jorn de Reus
Content Marketing

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