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Spy-Fy: Be the agent of your own privacy

In the digital age, protecting your privacy may seem like an impossible task. Spy-Fy provides simple yet effective privacy hardware solutions for you, and your organization.

Equip yourself with our Spy-Fy privacy gadgets so that you can use today’s technology without having to sacrifice your personal privacy!

spyfy zakelijk Spy-Fy

Spy-Fy for your business

Premium privacy gadgets branded with your logo. Show your clients and employees how much you care about their privacy!

  • Privacy Kits
  • Webcam Covers
  • USB Data Blockers
  • RFID Blocking Cards
  • All fully customizable with your logo


Spy-Fy for your home

Guard your privacy at home, work, and on the road with our premium privacy gadgets.
Our gadgets are easy to use, compatible with all of your devices, and effective in protecting your privacy.

Order the original Spyslide® Webcam Cover here.

Take control of your privacy.

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