Spy-Fy is a producer and distributor of high quality webcam covers for your laptop, tablet and smartphone. We as a company believe that you have all the right to completely control your own privacy whether its offline, or online. However, due to the accessibility of malware that can enter your laptop, tablet, or smartphone it is hard to guarantee your digital privacy.

Most people therefore protect themselves with different stickers, plasters or post-its to cover up their webcam. However, we think that your device deserves something much more elegant, professional and practical! That is why we decided to create something new. That is why we decided to come up with a much better solution: The Spyslide webcam cover.

When we started prototyping our Spyslide we had 3 things in mind to which our webcam cover had to suffice:

  1. It had to be thin enough to close your laptop without harming it in any possible way.
  2. It should be able to easily slide open and close when in need of webcam usage.
  3. It had to look elegant and should blend in with the design of your device.

The result: The Spyslide Webcam Cover. Interested? Have a look at our shop for your color selection and more details.

Questions? Contact us!